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science fiction with bite

sf_with_bite is a specialised science fiction community. We avoid the space battles and laser cannons clichés of the Star Wars kind of SF. We definitely do not discuss military SF, or the type of Hard SF that requires post-graduate qualifications in pure mathematics and physics in order to be understood. You won’t find discussions of Heinlein on this community. 

The things we do discuss: Cyberpunk, most definitely. Literary SF - writers like Ballard, for example. Slipstream – books that bridge the gap between SF and mainstream fiction, writers like Ballard, Harlan Ellison, Jorge Luis Borges, Jon Courtenay Grimwood. Soft SF - James Morrow, Tanith Lee, Iain M. Banks. Other writers we discuss include Philip K. Dick, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, Samuel R. Delany, Alistair Reynolds, Ken MacLeod, Ian McDonald, Sean McMullen, M. John Harrison, Michael Moorcock.

The People of the Pole
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