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Pimping: Claiming open @ HP SAPPHIC APPEAL

Fest Milestone Timing
Fest Rules Posted by June 1
Prompting June 1 to June 21
Prompt Lists Published by June 23
Claiming June 24 to September 15
Works Due September 24
Posting October 1 onwards

hpsapphicappeal is running a prompt fest to generate more HP sapphic (f/f) writing/drawing/etc and the exchange of sapphic ideas. You may either claim a prompt suggested by someone else or choose your own - whichever you find more inspirational. Once you complete your entry, you may select another prompt. Prompts may be claimed multiple times only if the pairing is “any” and the pairing signed up with is different. When you are finished creating your fanwork, email it to hpsapphicappeal @ It will be posted anonymously during the posting period.

Prompt List | Claiming Post
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